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3 Hour Delivery

If you order 3 hour delivery, between 10am and 7pm eastern time, you will have it back within 3 hours. If you place your order after 7pm eastern, audio is delivered by 1pm eastern the following day.

If you prefer, we can send you an invoice for your entire order.

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EVERY CUSTOM DROP and COMMERCIAL comes with 3 mixouts Fully produced with background music, effects and voice effects, plus you will get the voice effect only version as well as the dry raw voice.

When your order is complete, I will send you an email as well as an sms text message if you choose with a link and password to download a zip file containing your mp3 @320kbps stereo audio files.

If you have a question, send an email, 123djdrops at gmail .com.

Send a Text Message (863) 205-8425.

FAQ's and What If's

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You said something wrong, am I stuck with this?

ANSWER: ABSOULETLY NOT! I will correct any mistake that I make at no additional cost. Remember, I want this to be correct the first time, so please if you have a word, name or anything that you want to clarify with me first, call me 24/7 or chat with me online.

I want you to write my commercials and drops for me

ANSWER: I'm sorry; I do not offer script writing services. If you would like Radio Liners or DJ drops, perhaps our premade drops will work best for you.

I can't hear your audio demos and samples

ANSWER: For most of our audio demos and samples, I use YouTube Videos or Sound Cloud audio. You will need to have Flash enabled in your browser. Call me and I can help you with this.

Your page doesn't display right on my screen or phone

ANSWER: I update pages daily and my websites are tested to work properly across all computer, iPad and mobile cell phone platforms. If any of the webpages don't look correct, usually you just need to hit your refresh or reload button (F-5 button on a keyboard) or clear your browser cache. Call me and I can help you with this.

Phone Orders

I'm sorry, phone orders are not accepted, but please call the studio line at (863) 875-3327 if you have any questions.

What will I receive?

Every custom drop comes with 3 mix out versions - Fully produced with background music, effects and voice effects, the voice effect only version, as well as the dry raw voice.

What are your Delivery options?

You choose what works best for you - 3, 24, or 96-hour turnaround. You can order 24/7/365...

If you order 3 hour delivery, between 10am and 7pm eastern time, you will have it back within 3 hours. If you place your order after 7pm eastern, audio is delivered by 1pm eastern the following day. If you choose 24 hour delivery, audio is delivered within 24 hours. If you choose 96 hour delivery, audio is delivered within 96 hours (4 business days), Monday through Friday. Please note, Saturday and Sunday do not count as part of the 4 days.

  • If you order a 96 Hour Delivery and...
  • If ordered on Monday, you will have your audio back by Friday evening eastern time.
  • If ordered on Tuesday, you will have your audio back by Monday evening eastern time.
  • If ordered on Wednesday, you will have your audio back by Tuesday evening eastern time.
  • If ordered on Thursday you will have your audio back by Wednesday evening eastern time.
  • If ordered on Friday, Saturday or Sunday you will have your audio back by Thursday evening eastern time.

All Audio delivery times are based on Eastern Standard time zone (EST) and on when we receive payment. (The clock starts once payment is made on any order.)

Secure ordering

To protect you and your personal account information, StephenJVoiceovers.com employs SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. SSL is the industry standard and the best software available for secure commerce transactions. You will always see a secure lock on the top of your browser to ensure you are protected.

Package Deals

If I want to buy more than one, will I get a discount? Yes, the more you buy when you order, the lower the price per drop or commercial. You can order up to 5 drops and or 3 commercials at once. If you need more than this, please contact me to request an invoice.

How many words do I get?

  • For a custom drops, intro, jingle, drop, radio liner or any voice over: No more than 15 words...
  • For a 30 Second Commercial, Ad, Spot, or Introductions: No more than 70 words...
  • For a 60 Second Commercial, Ad, Spot, or Introductions: No more than 140 words...

What if I exceed those words count?

Do not exceed the maximum words that is allowed or you will be contacted to revise your script. NO EXCEPTIONS.

I don't need music or effects, just the dry raw voice, how much is it then?

All orders include the three mix out versions for one price, no exceptions.

Can you include copyrighted music or audio material in my commercial or drop?

Yes, ONLY if you email me the physical music file in mp3 or wav format or provide written proof that you pay for ASCAP/BMI fees. If you email me the audio file or material, you assume all liability and that you have permission to use the material. Do not include links for me to download the audio; you must email me the audio files. If you don't have or won't be able to email me the audio songs or material, I will not insert it into your voiceover.

My commercials or drops are short, maybe 5 words; can I include two or more scripts for one drop?

NO. One commercial or drop per order unless you purchase more than one. For example: DO NOT WRITE "dj xyz in the mix. dj xyz the turntable master. dj xyz." That's 3 drops, not one. If you do this, I will contact you to revise your script, no exceptions.

Can you sing a jingle or commercial?

I'm sorry, no. We only offer voiceover services (no singing).

I want a FREE Custom Drop or Commercial?

I am more than happy to provide you with a free custom sample. HOWEVER, this will be watermarked with the words, demo, throughout the background. This is simply to provide you with a sample to hear your words and my voice and quality. Contact me today for more information.

What do you mean by: no more than 15 words, etc?

Very simple, 15 US Dictionary words (not characters) but Words: Here's an example of a 15 word phrase: "Playing today's hottest music, twenty four seven, on air and online, Power one oh seven". That statement has a total of 15 words. (The same concept applies for our 30 Second, 70 word and 60 Second, 140 word commercials.)

What do you mean by: Notes Instructions?

If, for an example, you want a radio station drop, then please tell me about the music you play or the style of drop you want. There are many different styles that I can provide. By using the right style of voice, along with music and background effects, this will go far when it comes to branding your station. If it's for a commercial, then tell me the image and style you want for your business. Basically, the more information and direction you provide, the better service and results that I can provide for you. Of course, if you simply just don't know, I will use my expertise and years of experience in the business to provide you with what I would strongly recommend.

If your script has numbers, how should I write them?

If you want to include a number, it's best to write it out for example: 863-880-8880 should be written as: eight six three, eight eight zero, eighty eight, eighty. Of course, if you prefer "oh" instead of zero, that is fine, but you get the idea. This way, I always say the number the way you want it read. Also, it's very important for clients who are buying commercials that need an exact 30 or 60 second commercial for radio that they write out every word, numbers, address, etc. The only way you can get a precise 30 or 60 second commercial is to be accurate on your word count.

Can I use abbreviations in my script?

That's up to you. Remember I don't know what you mean when you write. For example: ent. Do you mean e.n.t. or do you mean entertainment? Please remember I am not with you when you are writing this, so I would recommend not using abbreviations unless you intend for it to be said like that or simply call me after you place an order and we can go over your script together.

Why do I need to answer: What is 2 +2?

This is to prevent spam. You just need to type 4 in the box where this question is asked, if you don't I will not get your form

I need to email you music or an audio file for pronunciation?

Great, simply send an email to 123djdrops at gmail.com and please be sure to include your name in the subject.

Your Web browser

It is always a good idea to keep your web browser up to date for a better experience while using our websites. If you use an outdated browser such as an older Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Internet Explorer, our website may not appear correctly. Our website is tested using all and most current browsers, as well as most mobile devices such as cell phones, Kindle and iPad. If you do experience an issue, I may not be aware of it and would love to know about it so we can get it working properly for you.

I want to talk to someone?

Call, Text, Email, 24/7: Studio Line (863) 875-3327 (sms) Text: (863) 205-8425 Chat Live 10am to 7pm eastern.

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