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Order 24-7-365, Scroll the page for all prices. Click on "BUY" below to open up the order form to purchase. The more you order at one time the lower the price per drop. Questions, 1-863-875-3327.

EVERY CUSTOM DROP and COMMERCIAL comes with 3 mixouts. Fully produced with background music, effects and voice effects, plus you will get the voice effect only version as well as the dry raw voice


Custom Drops 15 words max. 30 Sec. Commercial 70 words max. 60 Sec. Commercial 140 words max.

Order Custom Voice Commercials Drops Stephen J Voiceovers

By: Stephen Lawrence

Creative, Custom, Professional, DJ Drops, Radio Liners voice overs for your business or personal use. You provide us the script, and we add all the bells and whistles to give you an amazing voice drops, name drops introductions and more. We only use industry standard broadcast equipment, which includes a massive library of music and background effects to add to your voice over

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Order: Online, 24/7,365
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What If’s

You said something wrong, am I stuck with this?

ANSWER: ABSOULETLY NOT! I will correct any mistake that I make at no additional cost. Remember, I want this to be correct the first time, so please if you have a word, name or anything that you want to clarify with me first, call me 24/7 or chat with me online 7am to 10pm eastern.…

I want you to write my commercials and drops for me?

ANSWER: I’m sorry, I do not offer script writing for commercials. If you are needing Radio Liners or DJ drops, perhaps our premade drops will work for you.…

I can’t hear your audio demos and samples?

ANSWER: For most of our audio demos and samples, I use You Tube Videos. You will need to have Flash enabled in your browser. Call me and I can help you with this.…

Your page doesn’t display right on my screen or phone?

ANSWER: I update pages daily, and my websites are tested to work properly across all computer, ipad and mobile cell phone platforms. If any of the webpages don’t look correct, usually you just need to hit your refresh or reload button, F-5 button on a keyboard or clear your browser cache. Call me and I can help you with this.

Phone Orders?

I’m sorry phone orders are not accepted, but please call the studio line 1-863-875-3327 if you have any questions.

Stephen, Great job as always! Thanks!

Ray O ★★★★★

Hi stephen i have received the dj drop really liked it thanks a ton will keep in touch!

Harneet G ★★★★★

These are GREAT as usual - Thanks Stephen!!!!

Buddy J ★★★★★

You never disappoint! Thanks again!

Courtenay C ★★★★★

Great job. Love the drops. I'll be ordering more in the very near future!

Eric A ★★★★★

Thank you Stephen J!This is perfect! I'll definitely be coming back for more!

Gawain A ★★★★★

Fantastic ! Great job as always ;-) Will order more dj drops.!

Adlai D ★★★★★

motherf****er, oops, sorry my language. you are the boss, it sounds great, thank you. I love it.!

Ashley M ★★★★★

Gday Stephen, Audio drops are all good..Thanks M8 Regards,!

Brad N ★★★★★

Great Job Stephen. Very impressed. I will be in touch for more

Brian C ★★★★★