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Stephen J Voiceovers Professionally Recorded Voice Over No Matter What You Need It For

Commercial Ads, Radio Promos Liners, DJ Drops and more. Whether you're making a video for educational purposes, entertainment, or business, you and your audience deserve a professional voice over solution.

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the drops are top shelf as usual, thank you again
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Stephen J Voice Over Talent


BUY 3 CUSTOM DROPS, $30.00. 24 Hour Delivery 7 days a week.Package includes 24 Hour Delivery 7 days a week.You will get 9 total drops, 3 versions of each voice over.Each drop comes with background effects and voice effects, PLUS, you will also get a version that includes just the voice effects, ALSO you will get the dry raw voice for future re-producing.
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Why You Need to Find the Right Voice Over Talent

A great voice over is just as important to a commercial's success as the actual content of the ad itself. It's easy to pinpoint a bad commercial voice over when you hear one — the infamously awful infomercials on late-night television might come to mind. A good commercial voice over can be essential in successfully capturing an audience's attention. Like a good professional voice over prompt, this requires speaking clearly in a confident manner and using an engaging tone that doesn't fall flat.

3 Hour Delivery

3 Hour Delivery

WHAT!! 3 Hour Delivery? YES, Everyday until 7PM Eastern Standard Time, Stephen J Voiceovers offers a 3 hour delivery turn around. What does this mean, if you order a 3 hour service at 11AM, the audio will be completed by 2PM that day, NO EXCEPTIONS.
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Early Bird Special

Early Bird Special

Who doesn't like a deal? We offer daily deals on DJ Drops and Radio Liners EVERYDAY. Come back every morning from 8AM to 10AM Eastern Standard Time for Limited Time Special Deals on your next Voiceover. Check out the Deals


When a station skips to commercials or returns from commercials, an appealing and memorable voice is there to remind listeners which station they've decided to tune into – as well as reminding listeners why it's worth keeping the dial right where it is. Keep your audience around with the help of voice talent Stephen J. Listening to the radio should be a satisfying experience – and the talent of Stephen J will make it just that. Look over our prices, we won't be beat
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Stephen J Voiceovers serving the world with the largest client based voice over company.

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  • Spots
  • Commercials for Business

DJ Drops

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  • DJ Liners

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  • Drops Liners
  • Promos
  • Mr Voice Guy
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CHR, Hot AC or Greatest Hits station.

When you're imaging a CHR, Hot AC or Greatest Hits station in a crowded market and you need a voice over talent and production that really make you stand out from the rest and still fit the sound of your station, you need Stephen J Voice Overs!.

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