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Listen to radio call letter sweeps and id samples. audio video voiceover demos commercial ads, radio imaging, dj drops, introductions. If you have any questions call Stephen J in the studio anytime.

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  • Custom voice over drop
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Free dj drops

Over 15 pages of free drops

Easy, read, download, follow links to get each one.

We can give you many styles, tempos and reads with your voice over. If you need a soft approach, or all out attitude in your face sound, just let us know, Stephen J is always happy to accommodate your needs.

Radio station imaging

We create radio sweepers, station IDs, liners, and promos. Our voice delivery is upbeat, friendly and professional

Heard around the world: Kinston, North Carolina, United States, Mount Vernon, Texas, United States, Stow, Ohio, United States, Clarkson, Western Australia, Australia, Monroe, Louisiana, United States

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When a station skips to commercials or returns from commercials, an appealing and memorable voice is there to remind listeners which station they’ve decided to tune into – as well as reminding listeners why it’s worth to keeping the dial right where it is.

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Call / Text: 863-205-8425

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Professional, affordable from $2.93, the best quality!

A good commercial voice over can be essential in successfully capturing an audience’s attention. Like a good professional voice over prompt, this requires speaking clearly in a confident manner and using an engaging tone that doesn’t fall flat.

Dj drops intros radio liners commercial ads

“ Radio imaging and Commercial ads voice over talent must set the tone, mood and feel of your station and or business and can be used to target to specific listener demographics. Do you need a new station mr voice guy or brand your business. Lets talk, call 7 days a week ”

  • “ Thank you, as always you the man!!!! Gary H ”
  • Why you need to find the right voice over talent a great voice over is just as important to a commercial's success as the actual content of the ad itself.

“ Thank you will be doing more business in the future Konnor S ”

Radio imaging that delivers results. We customize each drop, promo, liner, id to your station sound and the sound you want. Call us for a free custom sample

Stephen Lawrence

free dj drops
“ Absolutely brilliant! Exactly what I was wanting! I will be back soon for the rest and others. Thanks for the gruff, rough tone, just what I had in mind! When I tried that myself, my throat got sore. Have a few cold ones to sooth the throat and have a spectacular 4th weekend, blow something up! You’ve got a customer for life! Alfred N ”

free dj drops
“Thaaaaaaaanx alot....... You The BEST..... Great work... Loving it.. Grace O”

“If ordering many drops and or commercials we can send you one bill”
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Commercial ads spots, dj drops, radio liners voice overs

Radio station imaging

We create radio sweepers, station IDs, liners, and promos. Our voice delivery is upbeat, friendly and professional.

Professional voice talent for your radio station imaging

Liners and ID’s for radio station imaging and custom DJ drops and intros for mobile, show introduction requires great voice over talent, modern sound effects

Seeking a male voice over talent for your radio station imaging

Powerful radio imaging, liners, sweepers and promos for all formats including: oldies, classic rock, news, talk, sports, country, CHR, Alternative, internet radio

The intro is the first thing your listeners hear

Make your show sound professional from the first second! I’ll voice and produce an intro for ANY format.

Are you a podcast host

A professionally produced intro and outro can really improve the listener’s enjoyment of a show

professional voice overs stephen j