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1, 30 second commercial, $39 (USD)

24 hour delivery order form.

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1, 30 Second Commercial 24 hour delivery, male voice Stephen J

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example of 70 words: You're invited to come and get the 2019 body that you deserve!, , , , Power gym Manor Circle and Power gym New London just got bigger!, , , , We now have dedicated spin rooms and multipurpose classrooms!, , , , Check out our grand openings on June 16th from 12pm - 5pm., , , , We will be giving away a whooping 1 million dollars in gym memberships!, , , , Powered by Snapple!, , , , At Power gym 24/7, making you feel good and look great!
  • This is for one, 30 Second Commercial ONLY. DO NOT exceed 70 words
    per intro/commercial or your order will be delayed until we contact you to revise your script.
  • Audio is delivered within 24 hours. All times are Eastern Standard Time Zone
  • If you are having any problems
    email: 123djdrops or call or text.
  • NEVER use Custom drops to create a 30 or 60 second commercial.
  • NEVER put multiple drops in one drop for example you have 2 drops
    each 10 words you only buy 1 drop, NO.Then you buy 2 drops.NO EXCEPTIONS
  • If you need copyrighted music added, YOU MUST
    email the audio to me (email: 123djdrops
  • How you spell names and words is your choice, I need to be
    able to read it, so call me with difficult words